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In September 2023 Holisteq opened its first hosted relax experience in the Intercontinental Lounge 2 at Schiphol Airport. 

In a tailor made holistic wellness space Holisteq offers machine therapy treatments with our Wellbeing Pod. 

Offering travellers the opportunity to upgrade their overall wellbeing or specifically target flight related challenges like jetlag reduction and flight related stress. This Holisteq experience is rated with an average 9 out of 10 by users after 2.000 treatments (NPS 61,9).


A collaboration between premium co-working space Fosbury & Sons and Holisteq.

In a specially designed de-stress environment Holisteq offers machine therapy treatments with a Wellbeing Pod. 

Members can schedule a work-break and select a preferred treatment based on their needs and desired outcome.

Customer Reviews

It’s like meditation on steroids

Joshua, 44
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Holisteq optimises wellbeing
in high-pressure environments through machine therapy solutions

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